Almaco Jack (Seriola rivoliana)

Almaco Jack

Scientific name: Seriola rivoliana


The Almaco jack is a game fish belonging to the family Carangidae, along with the yellowtail and amberjack. Its body is less elongated and more flattened compared to the other jack species. Its dorsal fin and anal fins are high and elongated, with sickle shaped outer edges. Generally, the Almaco is darker in color with a light tint of amber stripes down to its sides. Its upper body and lower fins are commonly dark brown or dark blue-green. The belly is much lighter and looks brassy. The caudal peduncle has no bony scutes.


The pelagic Almaco jack can be found in small groups on slopes and off of reefs at depths from 5 to 160 meters. They visit wrecks more often than most of the other jacks. They are found in offshore waters and are not common. They spawn offshore in other seasons except winter.

Florida locations:

They are found in offshore waters and are not a common catch.

Picture: Sushiseeker [Public domain]