Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

By accessing our platform WeFishFlorida.com (website) and the services we offer, you agree to follow these terms and conditions. In the event you do not agree to be bound by our agreement, we suggest you to discontinue the use of this platform. The website is owned and operated by Web Graphics And More LLC.

We are a platform where advertisers and fishing guides can post their advertisements, list their business or promote their services. We are not liable for the businesses listed on our platform, and all the communication is managed between companies and users.

Account Creation:

In order to list the business or get access to the services, you need to create an account on the platform. The company collects some basic info such as your name, email address, location info etc. This information is securely saved in our servers and we do not share it with any third party.

We recommend our users not to share their personal account details with any other user. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account. While registering on the website, you must not impersonate any other identity or falsely represent yourself with other entity. After creating an account, you can browse through the different services listed on the website and contact companies.

Use of the website/ platform:

As a user you are not:

  • Allowed to resell or reproduce the content posted on the platform
  • Allowed to make any modification to the content posted on our website, Facebook page or forums
  • Allowed to copy, reproduce or download any content without getting a permission from the company
  • Allowed to provide us with fake information or act as other individual or company
  • Allowed to use violent, harsh, abusive language in your messages or contact enquiries.
  • You agree not to convey, communicate or transmit anything that is illegal, libelous, harassment or in violation of the rights of others.

Intellectual Property Infringement:

In case you are the owner of intellectual property that is posted on the website, and you believe that your content has been infringed, please notify us as soon as possible and we will take appropriate action.

Third Party Links:

Our website may contain third party links, and the Company is not responsible for any content or services offered by those third parties. We do not endorse such websites and it is your responsibility to verify the authenticity of any site before conducting a transaction with them.

Disclaimer and Liabilities:

The services and platform are offered in “AS IS” manner and we do not offer any kind of warranty (implied or express) regarding the content that is posted on the website. The businesses/ services are listed by companies and we are not responsible for any accuracy or reliability of the services they list. You might find errors or inaccuracies on the website, and there is no guarantee that these errors will be resolved by the company. Notifications might not be posted in real time, and you might experience some delay in the services. We disclaim all the warranties and representations that are created by users and in case you find any issue with the course, we will not be liable for it. The information, concepts or ideas posted in the guides by other businesses do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our Company, and we reserve the rights to delete content at our sole discretion.

You must be at least 14 years of age in order to create an account on our website. If you are under 14, please do not use our platform, or have your guardian’s permission before using the app. The Company will not be held liable for any kind of claim or communication that is conducted between the users. We do not have control over the communication and it is your responsibility to verify everything before you share the details with any other user.


If there’s any question about the terms or the website working in general, please contact us.

Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy sets out all the information collection and usage process. By creating an account, you consent to our Privacy Policy. In the event you do not agree to any of the clause, please do not submit your personal information on the website.

We reserve the rights to change any clause at any time, so we advise you to periodically review the privacy policy.
Collecting and Using Information:

When you sign up for the account, newsletter, post any feedback or review, or utilize any kind of service from the platform, we collect your email address, name and other information. We also collect non-personal identification information such as the location, pages you viewed, device type, browser type, geo-location information, application version, operating system, and more. This information helps us to improve our services.

We store your information in our secure database where proper security measures are applied. Your information is not shared with any third party, and the access to the information is restricted as per our security protocols.

We use your information for several purposes:

  1. To provide seamless and personalized services to our users
  2. To add new services on our website
  3. To help you share your experiences through our website
  4. To customize the advertisements you see on our website
  5. To communicate with you
  6. To deliver newsletters, surveys, ratings etc.
  7. To detect and stop illegal, unauthorized and fraudulent activities

We may also use your geographical information in order to personalize your experience on our website.


We use cookies to ensure you have the seamless experience in using our platform. These are small text files that are stored in your hard drive for analyzing your behavior while using our websites. These cookies are not harmful to your computer, and are stored to capture some important information that helps us understand, remember and save your preferences for the future visits. No any personal information is collected or affected by these cookies.
You reserve the right to refuse cookies, however, some website sections may not work properly. The cookies do not cause any interruption in your browsing behavior.

Releasing Info:

Your information is shared only if you provide consent for it. We may also provide your information to service providers who help us to offer customized services. Or in case your information is required for any legal purpose, we reserve the rights to share it with the legal authorities.

Deleting Information:

In the event you do not want to be a part of our website, or want to delete or change your information, please send us an email and we will perform the appropriate action on your behalf. Any information that was shared by you on our social media accounts or website will remain there in case you chose to terminate your account.

Privacy Concerns:

We provide you the full rights to withdraw or refuse your consent to the collection, sharing and usage of information and we respect your decision. In case you need any clarification on how we use your info, please contact us. Our team will investigate your concerns about handling all the information.

Sharing Information:

Using our website, Facebook page etc. you can connect and share your comments, actions and other information with users. In the event you decide to share your personal information with other users, we suggest you to keep your privacy in mind. We are not liable for any privacy or security in case you choose to make your information available to the public.
We do not share your personal information with our other users.