Atlantic Sharpnose Shark (Rhizoprionodon terraenovae)

Atlantic Sharpnose Shark

Scientific name: Rhizoprionodon terraenovae


The Atlantic sharpnose shark possess a flattened and long snout. The young has a dorsal and caudal fins which are black-edged. Small whitish spots can be seen on its sides. There are furrows in lips at the corners of the mouth, and the outer margin of its teeth are notched. Second dorsal fin originates over the middle of its anal fin. The slender body of the shark is brown to olive-gray in color with a white underside.


The shark thrives at depths from surf zone to 280 m (920 ft). It prefers the shallow coastal waters (less than 12 m) during the late spring and summer months, and seems to prefer the deeper offshore (deeper than 90 m) waters during the winter months.

Florida locations:

They are found all year round from the Carolina coast southward to Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico.

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