Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus)

Florida Pompano
Scientific name: Trachinotus carolinus

The Florida pompano is greenish-gray on the dorsal area and silver to yellow on its side, throat, belly, and anal and pelvic fins. The first dorsal fins are low, with six separate, short, and spiny rays. It possesses a flattened body with a small mouth, no scutes, and a deeply forked tail. It has 22 to 27 dorsal rays and 20 to 23 anal rays.

Florida pompano inhabit inshore and nearshore waters, along beaches, oyster bars, and grassbeds. They often live in turbid waters. They are fast swimmers and live in schools. Their diet consist of small clams and zoobenthos.

Florida locations:
Florida pompano can be found througout the coasts of Florida. They are more common in Hobe Sound and Palm Beach during winter. During the summer, they can be found near Sebastian. On the Atlantic coast they are dominant from New Smyrna to Miami.