Greater Amberjack (Seriola dumerili)

Greater Amberjack
Scientific name: Seriola dumerili

The great amberjack is a slender fish with a short, pointed head and small eyes. It is endowed with a dark band extending from the nose to the front part of the dorsal fin. This stripe “lights up” when the fish eats. No scutes are present on its body. Its pectoral fins are shorter than its head, and are approximately equal in length to the pelvic fins. Its caudal fin is lunate in shape, which makes it fast enough to swim and chase its prey.

Great amberjacks live offshore and associate with reefs, floating debris, and wrecks. Juveniles associate with floating objects and may inhabit waters less deeper than 30 feet. They live in schools as young fish and adapt solitary behavior as they age.

Florida locations:
Great amberjack are found nearshore in south Florida. Some are reported to be located inshore off the coasts of Florida.