Gulf Flounder (Paralichthys albigutta)

Gulf Flounder
Other common name: Sand flounder
Scientific name: Paralichthys albigutta

The gulf flounder is a brown fish, with the shade depending on the color of the bottom. Numerous spots can be seen on its body. Three visible eye-like spots forming a triangle are located at the side of its body—one spot located along the lateral line, one above, and one below. A number of white spots are found over the body and fins. The fish has canine-like teeth. It also exhibits a wedge-shaped caudal fin.
Gulf flounder hatch with one eye located on each side of its head, but the right eye migrates to the left side of the head as the fish grows.

The fish live inshore on sandy or muddy bottoms. They lie partially covered, waiting for the prey to come and then strike in an instant. The gulf flounder are sometimes caught nearshore on reefs.

Florida locations:
These fish can be found in southern Florida.