Mahogany Snapper (Lutjanus mahogoni)

Mahogany Snapper
Scientific name: Lutjanus mahogoni

The mahogany snapper is grayish olive with a reddish tint. A dark blotch about the size of the eye is located below the dorsal fin. This fish has a deep body with large eyes and a pointed snout. Its lower jaw projects beyond its upper jaw. Its large eyes and caudal fins are bright red in color. It has a rounded anal fin, more than usual in snappers. Like in other lutjanid fish, it has a bi-lobed dorsal fin and long pectoral fins.

Mahogany snapper live nearshore or offshore over rocky bottoms and coral reefs. They often swim alone or in small groups. They are found in temperate waters during summer.

Florida locations:
These fish can be seen in south Florida, occasionally caught in the Keys.