Nassau Grouper (Epinephelus striatus)

Nassau Grouper
Scientific name: Epinephelus striatus

The Nassau grouper is a medium to large fish with a dense body and a huge mouth, which it uses to “inhale” the prey. Its body color depends on the fish circumstance and its environment. The grouper has a tawny color in shallow waters, but appears pinkish or reddish in the deep. Its body contains some lighter bars, dark blotches, and other patterns including the dark spots behind and below its eyes. A forked stripe can be seen on the top of its head.

Nassau grouper live near reefs. They can be found from the shoreline to waters as deep as 100 meters. The young groupers live nearshore in seagrass beds. These fish are generally solitary, though they occasionally live in schools.

Florida locations:
These fish can be found in Florida, especially in the Key West. These fish are considered commercially prohibited species and may not be commercially or recreationally harvested and/or sold in Florida. (