Fort Myers



Fort Myers was a military base during the Seminole Wars in 1800s and named after Colonel Abraham C. Myers. After the war in 1858, troops abandoned their camps and Fort Myers but was reoccupied by federal troops in 1863.


The town of Fort Myers was established in 1876 with only 10 families in residence. Logging, vegetable and cattle farming were the main industries of the town. In 1885 when Thomas Edison visited Fort Myers, pineapple were planted along river lines and became the prime crop of the town. Pineapple farming continued to flourish creating more jobs and increased the sleepy town’s commission. In addition, the original population of 10 reached 350 making Fort Myers the second largest town in Southwest Key.


Fort Myers growth continued when Tamiami Trail started its operation. The trail linked Fort Myers to Miami and Tampa which paved way for visitors from the North to visit Fort Myers to temporarily escape the cold winter. Unfortunately, Fort Myers rapid development hit the hard bottom.


By the 1940s, all cities in Florida own air bases including Fort Myers. During World War II, Buckingham and Page fields  were established bringing more and more flights; hundreds of service men into Fort Myers that contributed to the city’s growth.


Since then, Fort Myers’ prosperity continued and have become popular holiday destination for snowbirds, anglers and retirees because of its vibrant history, pristine beaches and warm climate 365 days a year.





There are different options available when traveling to Fort Myers and flying to Southwest Florida International is the easiest and fastest way.


By Car or Public Transportation


Visitors from the North or South traveling by car can reach Fort Myers through I-75 while visitors coming from the East can take Highway 80. If you don’t feel like driving, Greyhound Bus provides convenient services to Fort Myers and other major cities in Florida.


By Ferry


Taking high-speed ferry from Key West is another option to reach Fort Myers in just 3 and half hours. These ferries are equipped with Plasma TVs for entertainment and gallery where foods and drinks are sold for your convenience





Fort Myers’ enjoys a sub-tropical climate, sunny days almost everyday all throughout the year.


The wet season starts at around May until September with average high temperatures around 32°C / 90°F. Heavy rain and occasional thunderstorms can be experience in Fort Myers during the summer months, but these do not last long. Hurricane season is expected during September.


January and February are the coolest months in the region with average temperature dropping around 23°C / 73°F.





The sun is shining everyday in Fort Myers area, around 340 days/year. However, there are months when nights can be chilly, thus it is vital to know the appropriate pieces to pack and wear when in and about Fort Myers.


Warm months start at May until October, with July, August and September as the hottest months. Shorts, t shirts or tank tops for women can be worn while in Fort Myers. For exclusive and fancy dining places, a pair of long pants and light cotton shirt is recommended for men and sundress paired with sandals or flip flops for women.


Evening in Fort Myers from November to mid January gets chilly, so a pair of jacket or sweater is a must if you plan to stay long hours outdoor. Winter season in Fort Myers starts from mid-January to March and the appropriate clothes to wear include shorts, jackets, sweaters and long pants. Visitors in the area from March to May can wear shorts, dressy dress, strappy sandals or flip flops.




The city of Fort Myers is blessed with sandy beaches, world class tourist attractions from different points of interest including nature, engineering and history. The city’s natural beauty and historical landmarks showcase a variety of things visitors can enjoy anytime of the year.


Manatee World

  • is a must visit attraction in the city for kids and kids at heart. You can bring your camera and take pictures of manatees in their natural habitat. Explore and get to know the other habitats of Manatee world including birds, plants and other wildlife through boat cruises.


Edison Ford Complex

  • the city’s major tourist attraction where artifacts including inventions and laboratory are displayed to showcase the lives of two most influential Americans; Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.


Shell Factory

  • an awesome attraction with so much to offer from aquariums, wildlife exhibit, video games, miniature golf and bumper boat lagoon. Shell factory features the biggest rare shell and fossils collection in the world.



  • the ultimate place for the whole family offering more than 60 nature themed exhibits. Aquariums, outdoor lagoon and movie theater are some of the attractions offered for fun and interactive activity while on vacation.


Other Fort Myers attractions:


  • Koreshan State Historic Site
  • Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium
  • Randell Research Center
  • Bowditch Point Recreational Park
  • Thomas Edison Bridge

Fort Myers Activities:

  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Surfboarding
  • Baseball
  • Sailing
  • Shelling Tours
  • Fishing
  • Shopping
  • Bird watching




Fort Myers coastlines offer productive fishing opportunities for professional and leisure anglers almost everyday of the year. The region’s unpolluted swamps, bays, creeks, mangrove and underwater wrecks served as breeding grounds for shrimp and small fish attracting variety of game fish.


Sportsmen can try several types of fishing in Fort Myers depending on the fishing location. Likewise, different fishing methods are applied to perfectly suit on the current water condition in the area and type of fish you want to catch.


Fort Myers types of fishing:


  • Wreck and reef fishing
  • Deep-sea fishing
  • Inshore fishing
  • Offshore fishing
  • Backwater fishing


Some of the fishing methods use in Fort Myers fishing:


  • Drift
  • Bottom
  • Trolling
  • Bait fishing
  • Light tackle
  • Light Spin



What to catch on Fort Myers fishing:


  • Snook
  • Redfish
  • Speckled trout
  • Tarpon
  • Spanish mackerel
  • Ladyfish
  • Bluefish
  • Cobia
  • Pompano
  • Sheepshead
  • Snapper









What’s biting in Fort Myers depends on the weather condition and water level. Please refer below to see when is the best time to be in Fort Myers to fish.



January to December – Snook, Redfish, Speckled trout


January to February – Pompano, Ladyfish, Sheepshead, and Grouper


January to March – Bluefish


April to September – Tarpon, Snapper


April – Cobia


October – Snapper


November to December – Mackerel





  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Hat
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Appropriate clothing for Fort Myers fishing condition
  • Soft soled shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Foods and snacks
  • Camera




Enjoy the pristine beaches, listen to sea waves and cool sea breeze while relaxing inside your Fort Myers accomodation.


La Quinta Inn Fort Myers Central

Address: 4850 South Cleveland Ave. – Fort Myers, FL 33907-1320

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Hibiscus House Bed and Breakfast

Address: 2135 McGregor Boulevard – Fort Myers, FL 33901 USA

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Legacy Harbour Hotel & Suites

Address: 2038 W 1st St, Fort Myers, FL 33901

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          Gulf Breeze Cottages

Address: 1081 Shell Basket Ln. Sanibel Island, FL 33957

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          Abaco Beach Villas

Address: 250 Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

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          Beach Shell Inn

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GrandStay Hotel Suites Fort Myers

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          Days Inn Fort Myers Springs Resort

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          Bonita Beach Resort Motel

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          Blue Dolphin Cottages

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Fort Myers offers a vast range of dining options from casual to fine dining. Pick the best restaurant or cafe with a combination of good service, food and price.



Roadhouse Cafe

Address: 15660 San Carlos Blvd – Fort Myers, FL 33908

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Address: 2122 2nd St Fort Myers, FL 33091

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Rasa Steaks and Seafood

Address: 949 Sand Castle Rd Dunes Golf & Tennis Club – Sanibel Island, FL 33957

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Tarpon Lodge

Address: 13771 Waterfront Dr Bokeelia, FL 33945

For more information visit their website:


LaMotta’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Address: 15660-29 San Carlos Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL 33908

For more information visit their website:


The Melting Pot

Address: 13251 McGregor Blvd. – Ft. Myers, FL 33919

For more information visit their website:



Gulfshore Grill

Address: 1270 Estero Boulevard – Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

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The Beached Whale

Address: 1249 Estero Boulevard – Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931-2708

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Chloes Seafood & Steaks

Address: 2000 Estero Boulevard Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

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