7 Reasons for Hiring a Fishing Guide

Hiring a local fishing guide can mean all the difference to an angler looking for a great day on the water. They can guide you to the best spots, tell you what lure will catch what fish, and even give you recommendations on ways to prepare your fish. These professionals are passionate about their career and want to share it with you. Not convinced yet? Here are # Reasons for Hiring a Fishing Guide.


A professional charter can help you achieve a quality angling experience where each minute detail is managed. A professional will have background knowledge and experience to facilitate safety, boat navigation, gear management, and other arrangements necessary for the outing. This allows you more time to focus on what you came to do–fish.


Professional guides know where the top spots are to catch you the fish you desire. Their utmost priority on the charter boat, however, is not whether you catch something. Safety is always the captain’s number one priority. Keeping anglers safe and secure means that they will be alive to come back again.

Local fishing guides will know what water is safe to travel. They will inspect the boat for its seaworthiness and double check the number of life jackets. Another huge plus about hiring a guide is that they’ll rig and bait the rods. No snagging yourself on hooks or worrying if you’re doing things safely–the guide is there to ensure it all goes well.


Trying out the latest and greatest gear is one of the best perks for heading out with a professional angler. Rods, reels, flies, waders, and nets come in a variety of shapes and styles. Before you splurge hundred of dollars on gear, a professional guide can help you identify quality gear that you might find interest in owning. Talk with your guide and glean information and recommendations from someone who has professional experience using a wide range of gear.

Learning Curve

Nature may be the very best classroom to learn in, but self-teaching can only take us so far. Hiring a professional guide can boost the learning experience. You don’t want to spend your time on the water overthinking the situation. The guide will walk you through the gear and demonstrate how everything works, they’ll tell you what bait to use for what fish, and even jump in on the reeling if necessary.

For kids, a professional guide is terrific for breaking down the process into simpler steps. It’s a high probability that the guide learned to fish as a kid and the opportunity to share that with another generation is too much to pass up.


You never know what a day out on the water may bring, local guides have seen it all and will ensure that your day is memorable. Professional guides will know the right spots to hit at the perfect times. This sounds great, in theory, but what happens when the fish aren’t biting. The last thing a guide wants is a day without bites on the line. Professional guides will always have back up plans to make sure your day is filled with adventure and fish.


Once you’ve spent a day fishing with a local guide, you’ll uncover a bit of their personality. Forging a connection with your guide can lead to even more memorable experiences. It’s not uncommon for anglers to build friendships with their fishing guides.

Spending time alone on a boat with someone can lead to deep introspection and reflection. Many a relationship has been developed while reeling in a giant fish. A benefit of becoming friendly with your local guide is that they might even sneak you over to their secret spots.


If you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to do is set up your boat for a day on the water. Gassing up the boat, stocking it with food and drinks, preparing the gear, and making sure everyone is safe is a multi-day process for even the most organized of individuals.

Professional guides do this for a living. They take care of everything that you may need during the day including anticipating things you may not need, like bug spray and ponchos.

If you have kids, a good guide can ensure they have the time of their lives. Professional guides will plan for smaller fish or if you have older kids, the big fish. They will get them involved and keep them included in the action.

A bad experience can ruin the whole sport for an angler in an instant. A positive trip out on the water will have them coming back for more. Professional guides will guarantee that the experience is memorable. If you want to have a terrific time reeling in fish, hiring a local fishing guide is your best bet.

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