Backcountry Fishing for Redfish and Snook

The Florida coastline offers plenty of fishing activity that will have the avid angler canceling off the items on their bucket list pretty fast. Whether novice or professional, the fish, the available fishing expertise, and the settings all come together in the sunshine state. Get ready for an unforgettable experience. Like your fish, you are likely to get hooked to the rich pickings to be had in this angler’s paradise.

Different anglers have varying tastes. Offshore, where the water is deep and the fish large, heavy-duty tackles and other gear are required. Closer to the shore, lighter boats and different type of bait come into play. These are the flats and backcountry. The unifying factor for both types of anglers is winning the battle against your fish. For those who prefer practicing their craft in the shallower water, flats fishing among the mangrove trees is the way to go.

Some of the fisherman’s favorite fish are the redfish and Snook. How do these fish look like and behave? What is the easiest way to ensure you catch them and strike them off that bucket list? Well, get to the right place with the correct equipment, crew, and having learned the proper techniques for success, the champagne bottles will soon be popping.

The backcountry refers to those areas that have a sparse human population and still retain their pristine and wild allure. In Florida especially, the area that is known as the Everglades National Park, the aquatic diversity in these shores is amazing. The groves of mangrove provide a home and hunting grounds for saltwater crocodiles, sea turtles, and others.

You could also spot a porpoise or manatee along the way. Birdlife too is plentiful and varied as is the fauna. Some of the trees and flowers here are not found anywhere else on the planet. A nature enthusiast will have their days full along these coastlines.

Flats, on the other hand, are shores where the tide ebbs to expose the sand and the marine life in the pools left behind. A flats fishing takes place here.

A flat-bottomed boat that can be propelled with a pole is ideal for maneuvering among the mangroves. Redfish refers to certain red colored species of fish that are found close to shore and in the reef. Among them are the Red snapper and Red drum. This fish is best caught in summer or fall.

The record for redfish in fishing Florida currently stands at 52 pounds, but there are plenty eight pounders on the flats and larger adults further offshore. Sight fishing is the best method for this fish type wherever it is and the best rods for the job range between 6wt and 8wt. The recommendation being that you use floating lines. On the fly, this fish can provide quite a bit of challenge that only adds to the excitement.

The Snook, on the other hand, ranges between 3 and 15 pounds for most anglers. However, 16 to 30 pounds are not uncommon. The record is currently slightly over 44 pounds. This is a fish that ranks high in satisfaction for the angler that gets it on board. They migrate to the outer islands in the Everglades during spring from where they can also be caught. 6wt to 8wt rods with floating lines will serve the angler well in getting these fish.

In sight fishing, you cast your lure closest to where you have sighted your fish. Grabbing the bait will often be a reflex action for the fish. The angler’s reflexes and expertise will determine if the fighting fish will get off the hook or be fought into submission.

Good weather for catching these two fish species means the clement type that facilitates sighting. For this, the wind has to be low so that it does not roil the water. Sunny weather is also a plus as it aids vision. The presence of mangroves and the numerous islands ensure that the wind is not too strong. However, even overcast skies can have their benefits as you can then fish closer to the mangroves and take advantage of the greater elimination of shadows to spot your fish.

The time of the year and season will, therefore, determine which areas of sea offer optimum chances of success. Since there are varying degrees of fresh water where the freshwater rivers meet the sea, the knowledge about the favorite habitat of your fish is vital.

In conclusion, fishing is one of the most gratifying activities. When you visit the Sunshine State and get hooked on its thrill, the next time you come along you will be sure to bring a friend or relative along. Lifelong friendships have been forged from just these kinds of adventures.

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