Gear Up for Pier Fishing

Fishing time will be here again soon. It is a great way to relax and catch up with old friends or even something to do to just quiet your mind after a rough week at work. But before heading out to the old pier you should have a proper tackle box which is equipped well enough so you can have a good time out there on the pier while you fish. Just like the contents of a man’s toolbox, the tackle box is the tool box for the saltwater fisherman. It contains everything as per the preferences of the angler’s personal choice of items. The contents also change depending on the type of fish you’re going out to catch, but there are a few basic items which every angler’s tackle box should have especially when heading out on to the pier.

Extra Fishing Line
Whether it’s because you’ve stumbled upon some monstrous sea creature or if it is simply because your line got stuck to a log under the water, there is always the chance that your fishing line will suffer entanglement or breakage. That is why it is always good to take an extra reel of fishing line with you when you’re headed over to the pier. The line you will carry depends on the kind of fish you’re looking to catch. The rougher the conditions and stronger the fish, the heavier and stronger your fishing line should be.

Extra Hooks
Stock up your tackle box with a lot of extra hooks of different kinds. That will keep you ready for any kind of fish. The J-hook is the favored one for most fishermen traditionally but there are also those who prefer the French hook. It doesn’t matter too much what kind of hook you’re carrying but it is important to have several sizes and multiple of each size.

Bobbers or floaters, as they’re sometimes called, really go a long way in helping you know when a fish has taken a bite. As soon as the floater sinks, you know you’ve got a bite and you should jump to action.

Needle Nose Pliers
You need these to take the hook out of the fish after you’ve caught them. Just as a side-note, if you happen to get a hook inside your finger/thumb, you’ll need the pliers to get the hook out of yourself as well.

Small First Aid Kit
When you’re out fishing on the pier, you probably won’t end up having any major medical emergencies but in case you do manage to get that hook into your own thumb, it’s always good to have a small first aid kit handy. It’s not supposed to be anything fancy, just make sure you get in some band aids, small bandages, Neosporin and waterproof medical tape. It will be enough to take care of any fishing related injuries you might get out on the pier.

Notable mentions would be something you can use as a line cutter (knives and nail cutters work just fine). And of course, sunscreen. Never forget to take along sunscreen.

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