5 Places to Visit in Cocoa Beach

If you’re looking to have a fun-filled vacation with your family, taking in the fresh breeze of the beach, and then Cocoa Beach is the place for you. This beach stretches over 800 feet and has so many water adventures that you can take part in. Be it kayaking, fishing or flying fish charters, this beach has it all. You will most definitely love it here, especially if you’re someone who loves going to the beach and spending time there.

Check out these 5 must-visit places in Cocoa Beach.

1.     Cocoa Beach Pier

Do you love fishing? If yes, then please don’t miss out on this one. There is a wide variety of fish that you can catch here. You can bring your own equipment and can even rent equipment if you don’t have your own. One very interesting fact about this pier is that the most famous surfers in the world are known to surf here.

2.     Historic Cocoa Village

What is a vacation without some shopping, right? There are many, many shops here to fulfill any and all of your shopping needs. This is also the entertainment hub of Cocoa Beach and boasts a number of dining places, art fairs, and even car shows.

Not only that, but this village also has a lot of historical attractions like the Cocoa Village Playhouse and the Porcher House. Both of these places are on the National Register of Historic Places. Cocoa Village is a must-visit if you want to enjoy Cocoa Beach to the fullest.

3.     Lori Wilson Park

This is definitely a nature lover’s paradise. You get to experience the beauty of nature by taking a casual stroll through this park. You can also enjoy playing a game of volleyball here if you’re someone who loves sports.

They have a volleyball court, barbecue grills, and even a dog park. If you get your dog along, he too will have a lot of fun. The best part about this park is that there is no entrance fee.

4.     Thousand Islands Helicopter Tour

Tourists are known to absolutely love this tour. They can get a bird’s eye view of Cocoa Beach by taking this helicopter ride. The ride lasts 15 minutes and takes off from a private helipad. From the top, tourists can see the entire beach strip; they can see surfers and even dolphins.

These helicopter tours normally have two guests each. They are both given headsets so that they can hear the guide talking and can make the most of the entire experience.

5.     The Fat Snook

Are you looking for great food? Then this is your place to be. It is an upscale restaurant that is definitely a food lover’s paradise. They mainly serve seafood here and have all sorts of fancy dishes like Poblano Pesto Shrimp with Canaveral shrimp that you will absolutely relish if you are someone who likes seafood. The entire ambiance of the restaurant is so cozy and inviting, which makes it a place that you absolutely have to visit if you want to make the most of your trip to Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach is definitely a trendy tourist destination. When you visit Cocoa Beach, these are the places you have to visit and the experiences you have to live through if you want to make the most of your visit to this wonderful beach.

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