Everglades Saltwater Fishing Tips

Fishing is one of the best activities that a person can take up as a hobby. It brings you face to face with some of the most amazing sea creatures in the world and for a lot of fishermen, it provides them the chance to catch the meanest and biggest fish yet. The thrill and excitement which comes when you finally get a bite and then fight the fish in order to reel it in is un-matchable.

For whatever reasons you get into fishing, saltwater fishing during the spring and summer months in the Everglades is the best experience you will have in your life. Here are a few tips which will help your saltwater fishing experience in the Everglades a truly thrilling, memorable, fruitful and unforgettable one.

Scare off the Sharks

The most competition you will get when you are out in the Everglades fishing for saltwater fish is not from other fishermen but from the sharks in the waters already with the fish you are trying to catch. It happens very often to anglers that when they have been fighting for a long time with one of the sport fish and are just about to reel them in, a shark comes along and snatches away your prized catch. There is no way you will be able to fight a shark and reel that in; and so, you will end up with a cut line and no fish on the end of it.

To get the sharks to stay away from your boat’s immediate vicinity, you can trick the mighty beast by soaking a paper towel with fish blood and throwing it overboard. The currents in the water will carry the blood-soaked towel away from your location and you will be able to go about fishing without worrying that your catch will be snatched up by one of these tremendous carnivores of the ocean.

Start Fishing on the Perimeter

Whenever you arrive at one of the hottest fishing spots, it is the best practice to start off fishing from the peripheries of the hotspot. This is because starting off right in the middle of the fishing hotspot could potentially result in you scaring off the rest of the fish in the process. Go out to the edges and slowly move towards the center as you go along with your fishing excursion.

Surf Fishing

If you’re looking to try out surf fishing instead of opting for open water fishing, you might end up having a great time. The fish and other sea creatures you are hunting for love to stay close to the shoreline as it provides them protection from sharks and other predators lurking around in the open waters. This means you will only have t cast parallel to the beach.

It is best to time your surf fishing excursion when the tide is half risen. Early morning is the best time to go out for surf fishing as there is barely any other fisherman in the waters at that time and the tide is half in. Just make it a point to take care of all your equipment when you are surf fishing as it is very easy to lose it if you fall over fighting the fish.

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