Fishing Terms for Newbies

Do you remember the first ever fishing trip that you went on with your family and other relatives? Wasn’t it amazingly fun and exciting? Most fishing beginners and newbies get really thrilled at the prospect of going on a fishing boat and travelling all the way to the middle of the water to catch some of the most incredibly types and varieties of fish.

While it is definitely quite an exhilarating experience, most beginners are unable to understand most of the fishing jargon and terms that are casually thrown around by experienced and professional anglers.

As overwhelmed and confused as you must have felt back then, there is nothing to worry about because here is a simple and basic list of fishing terms for beginners that will make things a lot easier for you to understand on your next trip.


This has to be one of the most commonly used terms in the realm of fishing. Angling is basically a fishing technique that includes the use of a line and hook, where the latter is the ‘angle,’ and the one who applies this technique is called an angler.

Fishing Rod

You probably know this by now, but it is simply described as a long lever that is typically made of fiberglass. Its main purpose is to catch fish. There are different types of rods, each of which caters to a particular style of fishing.


Often put together as rod & reel, this is mechanical device that is used to hold the fishing line. The reel is attached to the rod, together which make the fishing pole.


You might have not heard this term as commonly, but it is also an important one. Trolling refers to the act of moving the boat at a very slow speed because yo8i have the bait in the water.


This is a kind of an attractant that is added to the fishing hook in order to lure and catch the fish. There are numerous types of bait including worms, insects, mussels, shrimp, squid, etc.


As opposed to the bait, a lure is an artificial attractant that is made to look like real, live bait. Lures are designed to attract fish and they often come with hooks. Some common examples are flies, plugs, metal spoons, and plastic imitations, to name a few.


This is a type of bait used during fishing that is designed in a way that makes it swim under the face in order to attract the target fish. These are often made of wood or plastic.


This is a common technique with the help of which anglers make the bait dance in the water. This action is created by gently flicking the fishing pole in order to attract the fish.


Most anglers worry about their bait simply floating in the water and not reaching the surface. This is where sinkers come to play which are helpful devices primarily designed to prevent the bait from floating in the water. These are often made of steel and brass, and often also with lead.


The next time you go on a fishing trip, the probability of you not understanding a particular term is very low so sit back and have a great experience!

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