5 Bass Fishing Tips in Lakes without Cover

If you’re an angler, you know by now that bass fishing is not easy. The simple reason for this is that there’s no one way to catch a lot of bass, so here are some bass fishing tips to consider.

Catching bass is pretty easy when there’s cover around. The cover can be in the form of rocks, boat docks, and even lily pads. Bass are usually found near cover because it helps them hide and look for prey. But then, how do you catch bass when there is no cover? Here are a few pro tips that can help you catch bass in lakes without cover.

Be a Versatile Angler

Most anglers are one dimensional. Ideally, you should be exploring new places and new techniques if you’re looking to catch bass. If you’ve been using jigs, then maybe you could try using spinnerbaits or rubber worms. If you’ve been fishing in your home waters, then perhaps you could try going a bit further in search of more bass. Being versatile increases the chances of you catching more bass in lakes that don’t have cover.

Understand Weather Conditions

Bass are known to react differently to different kinds of weather conditions. It is known that on cloudy days, when the weather is more pleasant, bass are much more active and set out to hunt more prey. It is on these days that you are likely to catch more bass. On sunny days, it is much harder to catch bass when there is no cover. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t catch bass on sunny days. On such days, you can use bouncing bait, like a jig.

Watch the Water Temperature

The water temperature greatly affects the feeding pattern of the bass and also their activity levels. When the water temperature is cooler, you should opt for baits that are slower moving. Faster baits are known to work best for warmer water bodies.

Know the Wind Dynamics

Oftentimes, anglers tend to think that the wind is their foe when they’re trying to catch bass. But that really isn’t true! There is no doubt that when the wind is blowing at a speed of over 15mph, you might find it tough to cast, but the wind stimulates the bass.

Also, the surface of the water is already disturbed by the gushing wind, so the bass don’t suspect any movement from fishermen. In this way, the wind can actually turn out to be great for you if you’re looking to catch more bass.

Tie Knots

There are a lot of videos on the internet that show you how you can tie knots to save a lot of precious fishing time. The Palomar and Clinch knots are really simple and effective knots that work for almost every technique. Learn how to tie these knots and see how they work wonders for your fishing trips.

If you’ve been worried about catching bass in lakes with no cover, then worry no more! If you follow the tips mentioned above, you’ll be sure to have a great catch!

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