4 Tips for Saltwater Shore Fishing Success

You do not necessarily need a good boat or state-of-the-art equipment to enjoy a successful fishing excursion in shallow saltwater. There is a lot of opportunity to be capitalized on by fishing from the shore, mostly along the beaches on the Gulf. If you are someone who does not own a boat yet but wants to experience saltwater fishing, or if you are a boat owner and are looking for a change, here are a few simple things to keep in mind when you’re heading out there.

#1 Use Migrations in your Favor

There are two times of the year that the fish in the area migrate – the spring and the fall season. Make full use of these migrations. In the months March through May in the spring and September through November in the fall, Gulf coast shoreline fishing is best experienced.

During these times, the fish are moving from one place to another in droves and that puts you at a significant advantage in the sense that you do not have to move looking for them, their migratory routes will bring them your way.

#2 Bay-Ocean Transits

Whenever you’re going for shoreline fishing, try to make it a point that your location is in close vicinity of passes, cuts, capes or other such locations which serve as a sort of transition from the ocean into the bays. The rocks inside the passes are the primary areas where you’ll find a lot of the fish but these locations tend to get too crowded.

That is why you should go for the beaches on either side of the passes. Even though they are a little away from the primary funnels created by the passes, they still host a good potential for fishing.

#3 Early or Late Excursion

This is an aspect which has been used for every form of fishing and applies to shore line fishing as well. Try and make it a point to head out on first light, especially during the spring season as it tends to get too crowded over the course of the day. Getting there early can allow you to reel in a good few catches before all of the activities on the beach starts and your chances of getting something lessens along with them.

The evening hours work well enough if you find yourself relatively isolated. Keep an eye out for stormy weather. It always tends to keep people away from the beach and that is the best time to go for a shore fishing excursion. Wait for the storm to clear up and rake in the benefits of the beach alone in the evening hours of the setting sun.

#4 Real Bait, not Fake

Shore fishing is primarily going to consist of you waiting at one spot on the shoreline for the fish to come to you. That is why artificial lures are going to be impractical for all intents and purposes. Baits like fresh shrimps work best for shore fishing.

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