What To Pack For Your Fishing Charter Trip

Charter fishing trips are always a good experience for the regular anglers and first time anglers. The only issue for first timers is that they go into the trip without being sufficiently prepared and hope for the best with their limited knowledge of what to bring along. Knowing what to pack on your fishing charter can make the experience truly an amazing one.

What to Wear

Layers. You need layers. A lot of fishing charter trips leave very early in the morning. The weather off the shore in those hours is very cool no matter which part of the world you are in, and there is the added factor of the sea breeze. It is always best to wear multiple layers of clothing and as the weather gets warmer out there at the sea, you can lose the sufficient amount of layers to keep yourself cool. Non-slippery shoes are a must-have. Something like tennis shoes that have non-slip rubber soles is ideal. The moisture makes the deck quite slippery and the boat rocking against the waves makes it easier to slip unless you have the right kind of shoes. Of course, sun glasses are a must to protect your eyes from the fury of the Florida sun and a hat to protect your head and face.

What to Pack

  • A cooler with sufficient snacks and water. It’s important to stay well hydrated when you are out in the open sea and snacks are important to keep up your energy level.
  • You will need sun block to prevent getting sunburn. Something that is at least SPF 30 will suffice.
  • A hand towel to wipe your face and hands.
  • Hand sanitizer is ideal because you wouldn’t want to eat snacks with fish slime covered hands.
  • Sea sickness medication for both the regular anglers and the first timers. There is no shame in bringing the medication along.
  • Water proof bags to keep your sensitive essentials unharmed by the water.
  • Cash. It is always to give good tips to the mates. It is not a necessity but they are part of the service industry and giving them tips always shows them the right kind of appreciation for all their hard work.

Nice to Have

These items may be considered a little bit over the top, but it is always nice to bring them along if you do happen to have them.

  • Sun Shield: They are pretty inexpensive and very popular for people going on charter fishing trips. They look like scarves but are actually very breathable. Sun shields protect your face, your neck and ears depending on how you choose to wear them.
  • A good GoPro camera accompanied by a waterproof casing and chest or head mount. Yes. That is one of the nicest over the top things you can take along with you on your fishing trip to record the thrilling and action-packed moments when you finally manage to pull that gigantic Tarpon out of the water so you can relive those moments again and again.

Always Ask the Captain!

You should always ask your captain what you need. The good one’s provide almost everything you need, so make sure to check with the fishing guide or charter fishing company.

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