The Seminole Indians used to fish in Lake Okeechobee and camped near the area. In 1920, John O’Brien and Alonzo Clewis bought a large portion of land, which was made into a town. A town blueprint was designated, and the Moore Haven & Clewiston Railroad was put in place. This was to connect Atlantic Coast Line Railroad to the community via Moore Haven. Clewiston, which was incorporated in 1925 as a city, was popular for sport fishing. The city was also famous for its largemouth bass.

All around Lake Okeechobee, sugar plantations were also cultivated. Around 1950s to 1960s, citrus fruits, vegetables, and cattle were also of economic value, though the prime producer was still US Sugar Corporation. Because of this, Clewiston was dubbed “America’s Sweetest Town.” Governor Charlie Crist, on June 24, 2008, proclaimed that Florida would buy 187,000 acres of the company’s farmland for $1.75 billion, Clewiston refinery included. However, on November 11, the government planned to buy the 181,000 acres of land for $1.34 billion instead, excluding the processing facilities and other assets. For the next seven crop cycles, for $60 million, the land will be leased back to US Sugar. As part of the Everglades ecosystem continuing restorations, the land will later be changed into reservoirs.

Getting There

Clewiston is accessible via US 27. The place is located southwest of Lake Okeechobee. For tourists wanting to fly to Clewiston, Airglades Airport is the most convenient, as it is located five miles (8.04 km) west of Clewiston.


Average lowest temperature is 53°F, usually in January. Average high temperature is 91°F, usually in July. The area has an average of 112 rainy days per year.

What to Wear

During summer months, it is advisable to wear light-colored and cool clothing, especially those made from cotton. Women can wear skirts and cool sundresses. Flip flops are definitely something to bring. If you plan to stay outdoors for longer hours, bring along a hat, a pair of shades for eye protection, and apply a generous amount of sunblock with a high SPF, applying every 2 to 3 hours.

When on business meetings, wear appropriate clothing made of light-colored and cool materials. For night outs, it is advisable to wear appropriate outfits.

During the rainy and cold seasons, be sure to have a jacket or sweatshirt.


Clewiston is located on the southwest portion of Lake Okeechobee. Lake Okeechobee is one of the fishing hotspots that anglers are willing to explore. Below are the most popular fishes that one can encounter while fishing in the lake.

*largemouth bass

Below are the best seasons to fish for these fishes.

*largemouth bass – late fall to early spring, can be caught all-year round
*crappie – January to March (though crappie can be caught on summer)
*bluegill – springtime

The following are the most appropriate outfit when going for a fish:

• hat
• sunglasses
• light long sleeves, cool light-colored cotton outfits
• jacket or other rain gear
• boat shoes
• sun screen with high SPF

The following should also be in your A-list:

• camera
• cooler
• water or your preferred beverages
• food
• medicine kit
• fishing apparatus

Attractions and Activities

Sky rides, nature trips, or museums in Clewiston surely can keep tourists occupied and enjoying themselves. Check out some of these attractions which will surely make you want to go back to Clewiston again and again and again.

*Everglades Adventures
28965 Obern Road
Clewiston, FL 33440
Phone: (863) 983-8999
Fax: (863) 983-9620

*Billie Swamp Safari
Big Cypress Indian Reservation
HC-61, Box 46 Clewiston, FL 33440
(800) 949-6101

*Skydive Air Adventures
3200 Airglades Boulevard Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-6151

*Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum
West Boundry Road
Big Cypress Seminole Reservation Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 902-1113

*Big ‘O’ Airboat Tours
920 East Del Monte Avenue
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-2037

*Florida Ridge AirSports Park
12671 East State Road 80 Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 805-0440

*Clewiston Museum
109 Central Ave.
Clewiston FL 33440
(863) 983-2870

*Clewiston Golf Course
1200 San Luiz Ave
Clewiston FL 33440
(863) 983-1448

*Sugarland Tours
544 West Sugarland Highway
Clewiston, FL 33440-3027
+1 877 693 4372

*Big ‘O’ Birding Festival
Clewiston, FL 33440
+1 863 983 2037

Where to Stay

With all the sky rides, golfing, fishing, museum visiting, and food trips here and there, tourists can surely find relaxation in resorts and inns here at Clewiston. For those who love sleeping with Mother Nature, camps and RV parks are also available.

*Roland Martin’s Marina and Resort
920 E. Del Monte Ave.,
Clewiston, FL 33440
(800) 473-6766

*Clewiston Inn
108 Royal Palm Ave.,
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-8151

*Holiday Inn Express Clewiston
1024 West Sugarland Hwy,
Clewiston, FL 33440
(877) 859-5095

*Best Western of Clewiston
1020 West Sugarland,
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-3400

*Executive Royal Inn Clewiston
335 W Sugarland Hwy,
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-3141

*Motor Inn – Clewiston
412 W. Sugarland Highway,
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-4115

*Plaza Travel Inn
621 E. Sugarland Hwy
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-5181

*West Express Inn
433 W. Sugarland Hwy
Clewiston , FL 33440
(863) 983-9161

*Big Cypress RV Resort
H.C. 61 Box 54-A
Clewiston, FL 33440
(800) 437-4102

*Crooked Hook R.V. Resort
51700 US Hwy 27
Clewiston, Florida 33440
(863) 983-7112

Where to Eat

From fast food chains to restaurants, yes, Clewiston has it. Be it for family gatherings, business lunch, romantic dates, or simple food trips, everyone can definitely be sure that in Clewiston, they will never go hungry.

*Common Grounds Coffee Shop
104 South Bond Street,
Clewiston, FL 33440-3804
(863) 902-9889 ‎

*Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q
1030 W Sugarland Hwy, Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-4171 ‎

800 W Sugarland Hwy,
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-2321‎

*Colonial Dining Room
108 Royal Palm Avenue, at U.S. 27,
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-8151

*Cafe Tropical
307 E Sugarland Hwy
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-0049

*Sunrise Restaurant
842 E Sugarland Hwy
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-9080

*China Taste
930 W Sugarland Hwy
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-9898

*Dixie Fried Chicken & Seafood
728 E Sugarland Hwy
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-6656

*Beef O’Brady’s
892 W Sugarland Hwy
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-5002

*Hawaiian Ice
444 W Sugarland Hwy
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-0308

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